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At the age of 32 I find myself in a position to pass on my 22 years of experience and knowledge in snooker. During my younger years I spent many hours working on improving and developing my own game with my father. Collecting advice along the way from more experienced players, it was difficult without the guidance of a coach to know whether I was progressing in the right direction, and improving with the correct technique. Over many years of dedication, determination and a desire to learn and improve, I discovered many different ways in which to develop my own technique and game.

Having now completed over 3000 lessons and working with players such as Ian McCulloch and Andrew Higginson my coaching business continues to grow. Many of the techniques demonstrated in my lessons and on the CD Rom have been a direct result of my own downfalls and success’s. Working closely with many players of all ages and levels has given me a fantastic insight into how to teach all aspects of the game, guiding players from the very basics through to the advanced finer points of the game. Anything is possible with a willingness to learn new skills and a determination to change. 

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